Managing Director: Mr E Bitan,

A highly motivated and experienced individual with over 10 years experience in the security industry . Established International coverage by securing high profile politicians and celebrities.  
Planned and managed large scale festivals and events for various clients within the Entertainment industry and Government bodies

"True security depends on 3 elements,knowledge, experience and courage, if you achieve all these you have the perfect combination to tackle any security challenge"   
Administrative Manager: Ayallah Abecasis

A positive, and results-driven worker. Experienced in working in the competitive market, with the main focus on exceeding expectations for customer service delivery whilst ensuring optimum E1 brand impact. Possesses excellent communication and organisation skills with the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships. Ayallah manages E1 Security's shift arrangements and deals with the day to day running of E1 security's North West London sites.
Operations Manager: Mr W Bray

Competent and enthusiastic individual with an extensive background and experience within the Security Industry.
Mr Bray has worked in many different capacities within the industry, having started at the bottom of the chain and working his way up over the past four years. 
Mr Bray manages a wide and diverse range of settings  for E1 Security from nightclubs, bars and private parties to corporate buildings, high profile individuals and national events. 
East London Manager: Mr M Moubri

Mr Moubri has over 25 years experience in the security industry. One of the old school operatives, held several head doorman positions for E1 Security around east London areas. Mr Moubri currently manages some of our commercial sites along with Mr Bray.

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