Fire Arms Course  £800.00

Awarding Body : Contact us
Assessment Method:Multiple-choice examinations & practical test

If you are a C.P.O who is planning to work in environments where the principal will request that you are armed then this is the course for you.

Price includes:
- 6 days – 24 hrs instructions (combat shooting elements)
- Transfers to and from airport
- Shooting –range: on the private training ground, weapons & vehicle rental
- Comfortable accommodation plus 3 meals a day
- Simulating drills
- International Recognized Certificate

Weapons & magazines, ammunition (600rounds/pp), belt
Weapon cleaning kit, holster and magazine pouch rental
Airport transfer and transport

Wraparound eye protection

The programme takes place over four training days in training rooms and on a firing range. Training lasts for 12 lesson hours with practice of topics introduced during the day taking place from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm as well as a block devoted to medical procedures during flights, acclimatisation as well as SOPS.
Glock 17/19, Sig Sauer P229 and H& K, USP, Jericho 941F, pistols are used during training.
Approximately 600 rounds of ammunition are envisaged for each participant.

Introduction to Assault Rifles: M-4/ AK-47. Assembly and Disassembly of M4 & AK47

Background checks are applicable, you must hold a valid CP SIA licence, Courses are conducted overseas by trained law enforcement & military professionals 
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